How to give sugar the smackdown even if you are the cookie monster

How to give your sugar addiction

the smackdown

even if you’re the cookie monster.

Learn how to be free from its control over your brain, body and emotions

so that

you can lose weight, keep that weight off and reclaim your health


still enjoying what you eat (yes you get to keep your ‘foodie’ badge)


going on the five bazillionth diet, chaining yourself to the garden gate or screaming at your loved ones in an uncontrollable hangry moment.

Everyone’s got a plan right? Your Aunty Jane lost 40lbs on the apple bobbing diet. Katie from two doors down tried the hypnotic food blindness And Sarah from work only eats when its qtr past the hour for 10 minutes alternating purple juices and yellow fruit. Don’t be easily fooled into yet ANOTHER plan. I want you to understand what I do and why it’s different. Why its SUSTAINABLE. I DON’T ever tell you what to eat. I DON’T ever tell you what to do. I TRAIN that part of you that CONTROLS your eating habits = YOUR BRAIN. Ok – news flash!! You’re going to be eating for the rest of your life (gasp!) Funny how often I say that to people it is like they are truly realising that for the first time… (see how those 14 hr bikini body diets have infiltrated our mind?) What I DO is show people how to create a new relationship with food, especially sugar. Your relationship with sugary foods has become OVERLY-EMOTIONAL. It’s also become AUTOMATIC. Our habits and behaviours are fuelled by high intense emotions and over time this automation is second nature… we don’t question it, we didn’t know we could. Your relationship with sugary foods started with just one thought…. one sunny day out on the deck with your Dad and an ice-cream, or a beloved Grandmother ‘treating’ you to something sweet or maybe you weren’t allowed some sugary treats so you took matters into your own hands and have been binging ever since… the love, the connection, the validation through food felt good to you and you have been replicating this subconsciously to yourself EVERY DAY… possibly for YEARS!! Basically, your brain is powerful as f*ck Your thoughts are powerful and communicating with your body to take action. Your thoughts, have programmed your brain which tells you how to act, which forms your habits, which become your behaviour. If you’re craving chocolate right now? Cookies? Cake? It’s not your body telling you that you need a treat. It’s your BRAIN. Want to hear something awesome?? You can totally RETRAIN your BRAIN, its thoughts and therefore your relationship with sugary food.

Your Instructor

Heather Jones - The Brain Trainer™
Heather Jones - The Brain Trainer™

Hi I'm Heather! A brain-obsessed, thought –fascinated, neuro junkie! Qualified and accredited in Neuro-Somatic Reprogramming, Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting. I help women (and men!) TRAIN their BRAINS to THINK their way to a life they LOVE!



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